Shock Doctor Compression Knit Knee Sleeve

Size: S
Color: Grey/Black
Sale price$19.99


Rise above the challenges when you wear our Compression Knit Knee Sleeve. Designed for the athlete who wants to play all day long, the breathable knit fabric increases ventilation and prevents overheating. The consistent, compression fit gives you the support you need, while the contoured design and seamless construction provides maximum comfort and mobility to keep you active and protected throughout the entire game.

BEST FOR: Helps prevent and relieve mild to moderate pain associated with Arthritis, Bursitis and Tendonitis

LEVEL 1 - LIGHT – Ideal for minor pain, sprains and instabilities.

  • CONTOURED COMPRESSION - Contoured compression fit around knee joint
  • FORMS TO YOU - Elastic knit forms to shape of knee and leg
  • COMFORTABLE FIT- Knit design provides comfortable fit without bunching during flex
  • BREATHABLE & MOISTURE-WICKING - Weave pattern is breathable and moisture-wicking
  • MATERIALS - 62% nylon, 38% spandex (elastane); NOT MADE WITH NATURAL RUBBER LATEX

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