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Balanced in your favor...The Wave Rider is only getting better with age!

The 25th edition of Mizuno’s classic brings your runs a smoother ride with extra MIZUNO ENERZY, eco-friendly stability through the responsive new bio base wave plate and enhanced breathability overall.

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Introducing the Wave Horizon 5

Mizuno Women's Wave Horizon 5

The Horizon 5 delivers one-of-a-kind cushioning through Mizuno Enerzy Foam and XPOP, plus unrivaled stability and a secure fit. It all adds up to less pounding pavement and more ruling the roads.
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Mizuno Men's Wave Horizon 5

Move effortlessly through the air with each stride in the all the new Wave Horizon 5. Wave Horizon 5 is designed for the stability runner looking for a plush fit and feel.
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The staff was so helpful in getting my son everything he needed for SOCCER. Super friendly and really knowledgeable!


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