Shock Doctor Compression Knit Ankle Sleeve

Color: Grey/Black
Size: XSmall
Sale price$14.99


Featuring a soft, breathable knit construction which ensures consistent compression throughout the coverage area, our Compression Ankle Sleeve provides a contoured compression fit around your ankle, giving you the comfort and stability you need to perform daily activities.

BEST FOR: Helps prevent and heal minor ankle instability, swelling, arthritis and tendonitis

LEVEL 1 - LIGHT – Ideal for minor pain, sprains and instabilities

  • CONTOURED COMPRESSION - Contoured compression fit around ankle
  • FORM FIT - Elastic knit forms to shape of ankle and foot
  • COMFORT - Knit design provides comfortable fit without bunching during flex
  • BREATHABLE & MOISTURE-WICKING - Weave pattern is breathable and moisture-wicking
  • MATERIALS: 50% Nylon 35% Spandex 15% Polyester

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