Ritual Response 55 Field Hockey Stick

Size: 35.5
Sale price$194.99


Looking for a field hockey stick that's perfect for those who like to stand tall? Check out the Response 55. It's got a sleek 24mm curve that runs the entire length of the shaft, and it's made of composite fiberglass, Kevlar, and 55% Japanese carbon fiber. Plus, it's a little easier on the wallet compared to its higher-end siblings, the 75 and 95. 

The Ritual Response 55 Field Hockey Stick boasts a 31mm handle, triple wall design, and deep head for maximum hitting ability. Versatile and reliable, it's an all-around winner that balances top-notch performance with great value.

*Includes an EVA Foam wrap, increasing cushioning and comfort, while the Super Soft grip provides extra traction.

• Composition: 55% carbon, 40% fiberglass, 5% kevlar
• Shape: regular bow
• Level: advanced

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