Rawlings 2022 Quatro Pro USSSA 2 5/8 (-5)

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Size: 30"/25 oz.
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Bat Benefits

The Quatro Pro bat is made using a two-piece and all-composite design. In addition, it is outfitted with Unique Composite Layering that allows the bat to emit pop and power across the entire length of the barrel. The performance capabilities of the barrel will be further complemented by the re-imagined F2 collar that should reduce bat drag during the swing and be stiff in its feel when connecting with a baseball. Plus, if you buy a Blast Motion Sensor separately you can insert it in the knob of this bat as it is equipped with the ability to hold that brand of performance sensor.

A drop 5 will get your batter prepared for play once they graduate from the USSSA baseball circuit. The drop 5 length-to-weight ratio will be closer in feel to the bats that are going to be used in high school. As well, the 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter of this bat will match the diameter of bats used in the high school ranks. If you are in your final seasons of USSSA baseball, consider getting this bat to help you further your baseball career.

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