Gryphon Gator Wood Field Hockey Stick

Color: Pink
Size: 28"
Sale price$39.99


Created to kickstart your junior career.

TO KICKSTART YOUR JUNIOR CAREER - A wooden range that offers all the developments of the new age progressions. It is great for those young players wanting to get a feel for all the basic skills and then progress to the next level.

• Level: Beginner
• Composition: Fiberglass reinforced wood
• Shape: Regular Bow

Beginner Sticks - These sticks are a must for players who are just beginning. While developing basic skills, power of a stick is not the focus. Instead, maximum control is necessary for a player to master the basic skills of hockey.

Regular Bow - A regular bow has the highest point of the bow placed in the midsection or center of the shaft, assisting in every skill of the game. The bow's measurements range from 20mm to 25mm depending on the stick.

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