Gryphon G-Mitt OP G5 Field Hockey Glove

Color: Black
Size: XSmall
Hand: Left Hand
Sale price$24.99


The Gryphon G Mitt OP G5 Field Hockey Glove offers superior protection and dexterity. The adjustable wristband and tightening strap allow for a secure, customized fit. The molded hard protective shell and short fingers protect players from impacts. Special open palm design enhances grip. Arm yourself with confidence.

The G-Mitt series offers the best protection to comfort ratio. These protective gloves prevent soft tissues injuries from contact with the hockey turfs and reduce the impact with hockey sticks and balls which may save you from serious fractures. The EVA protective foam and molded hard shell helps absorb and spread the impact of a direct strike. These ultra light protectors are located on the knuckles and back of the hand.

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