Finis Hayden Mirrored Goggles

Color: Orange/ Mirrored Black
Sale price$29.00


Hayden Goggles are an elite, high-performance goggle for competitive swimmers and triathletes. Designed with input from 3X Canadian Olympian Brent Hayden, these goggles feature low-profile panoramic lenses, increasing your field of vision and reducing drag. Mirrored lenses reduce glare from the sun and provide UV protection. Adjustable straps and silicone eye gaskets provide maximum comfort and prevent leaking. Anti-fog-treated lenses will keep you seeing clearly while you swim.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE GOGGLE: Elite racing and training goggles for swimmers and triathletes
  • PANORAMIC LENSES: Wrap-around low-profile lenses increase field of vision and reduce drag
  • SILICONE EYE GASKETS: Provides added comfort and a watertight seal to make every lap distraction-free
  • INTERCHANGEABLE NOSE BRIDGES: Three interchangeable nose bridges provide a customized fit
  • DUAL SILICONE STRAPS: Distributes pressure evenly around the head for extra comfort

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