Engage Poach Infinity MX Elongated

Weight: Lite(7.5-7.8 oz)
Sale price$169.99


The NEW Poach Infinity. The most technologically advanced paddle in the market.  Specifically designed for players that:

  • Have (or the tendency to have) tennis elbow.
  • Want a soft feeling control paddle to shape (spin) the ball that also creates power when & where you want it.
  • Like diversity (with (4) different shapes to fit your style of play):  EX (16" x 8"), SX (16.25" x 7.75"), MX (16.5" x 7.5"), LX (17" x 7").

The 'technology' that makes it happen:

 Technology to mitigate tennis elbow: Technology to enhance control, spin and power.
  • Vibration Dampening Skin - Eliminates vibration at the point of contact (at it's source) not lower within the paddle or via other objects placed inside the paddle that only stops it from traveling to the hand.
  • Variable Release Technology - The proprietary 6-layer skin produces more power the faster you swing (when you want it)
  • Counterweight Technology - Lowers the center of mass (balance point) closer to your hand to 1) mitigate getting tennis elbow by making the paddle more balanced (not head heavy which is one of the main reasons tennis elbow develops) and 2) increase maneuverability (hand speed).
  • Omni-directional Friction-based Texture - 1) Roughness that spreads out in all directions to create more spin, 2) Surface 'friction' hits the upper limits / range allowed, and 3) softest skin (and core) that holds the ball longer (main factor in producing spin).
  • Proprietary ControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core - Creates the softest hitting paddle for those that like soft feeling paddles or have tendency for tennis elbow (mitigates vibration)
  • Variable Flex Technology - Designed to flex at the point of contact for more 'forgiving' shot making.

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