STX Stallion 300 Complete Stick Junior

Color: White/White/Platinum
Sale price$69.99


Choose the easy button for your beginner by getting them the STX Stallion 300 Junior Complete Stick.  The Stallion 300 stick pairs the Stallion 300 head with a 7/8th inch 7000 alloy handle for a versatile combination suitable for players learning the game. The slimmer handle profile, and shorter length, allows for the youth player to easily grip and maneuver the stick, making passing, catching and cradling much easier.

The Stallion 300 JR also uses Pocket Sync ™ technology which eliminates the need for complicated stringing and pocket adjustment - this stick comes out of the box with a ready to go pocket with no adjustment needed.   This also makes replacing the pocket super easy - no stringing required – as just a single bottom string attaches the head to the mesh.   Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see just how easy it is.

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